Home and Back At Work on the HARD RAIN album project!! 

So after an amazing time with my family over Christmas I am now back at home here in Nashville picking up where I have left off from before I went out on this last road trip.  I must say that as we close out on 2013 I have been so abundantly blessed to make some breakthroughs in some new markets! Ok, saying that.....  now that I am home, most of my days are spent with booking the rest of my tour to promote new album HARD RAIN for 2014 or actually in the studio.......working on the album hahaha!  I am…Read more

Week #2 of the Southeast Tour December 2013 

So this last week of my trip was a little different from the first week.........  I typically have the Sunday thru at least Tuesday or Wednesday off from playing during most weeks of my tours.  Even though they are days "off" from playing shows, these are the days where most of the work is done behind the scenes for me. My Sundays are usually filled with an opportunity to find a church on the road to attend and spending the remainder of the day just resting my voice (by watching football lol) as much as…Read more

The First of Many Road Blogs :), now how do I do this ? haha 

Hey first of all thanks for hanging with me as I start my new journey of blogging!  So this blog will be mostly about my experiences on the road as I travel to get my music out as an independent artist.  I think that a lot of people will be surprised to see all of the the doors that open and close along with just the downright odd and crazy things that can happen while traveling through the unknown territory of chasing one's dreams :)! So saying that here is a recap of what has happend on the trip…Read more