1. Feels Like You
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I can still smell the rain in the wind
And the honeysuckle on your skin
I can still see that look in your eyes
When you held on to me to dear life
That summer night we both gave in
But as quick as love came it would end

But I just can't turn the page
I'm stuck here everyday
Your everywhere I go, everything I do

It feels like you
It feels like you
Feels like you

Your number's still there on my phone
Just stares at me won't leave me alone
The only time I get the courage to call
Is when I drink enough to forget it all

Each time it rings and rings
Brings back that familiar pain
It's all that I've got to hold on to

Repeat chorus

I can't move with someone new
When it all still ...... Feels like you

Chorus out

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~