1. Walk Away
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I get this feeling when I hold ya
Your thinking something you ain’t supposed ta
You said the new wore off and the old shines bright
And lately things just don’t seem right
Must have burned out our love light when we left it on
Let me leave this with ya before ya move along

If you can walk out that door when you hear my heart break
Or get in your car and see these tears on my face
Watch my whole world come tumbling down
As your kicking my feelings all over the ground
If this has to be the price that I pay
For loving you every day
Turn around and walk away

When the good gets bad baby
We gotta just get it back, get it back to good
So let’s just keep this sweet love in tact sugar
And we won’t ever get misunderstood
If I can’t change your mind from the pain I show
All I can do is just watch you go
Watch you go…..


Turn around turn around turn around……REPEAT OUT AND SOLO OUT

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~