1. Where Do We Go
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Smokes flying out from under the hood
Got four bald tires and don’t drive like it should
It’s been a long road, a lot of pot holes
Girl this don’t look good
That crack down the middle of our windshield
Couldn’t look more like how this sure feels
You got your side and I got mine
Headed straight up hill

Where do we go oh oh oh, when it’s gone
Where did we go oh oh oh
Cause it’s gone for us babe. Is it the end of the road?
Gotta to know girl where do we, where do we go

Every time I look into that rear view mirror
I hope we’re a lot closer than it really appears
I sure miss us and the way it was
But how did we get here
Cause When I look at you , you just stare out the window
I try to tell ya I love ya, you turn up the radio
All this distance
How could we miss this

Repeat chorus

We should have took the time to read the signs that said
Turn around road’s out up ahead
We might as well go on and jump out the door
And let this love drive off the edge

Repeat Chorus

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~