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You walked in the room and I couldn’t focus, on anything else
I asked you to dance, felt like I had to or I’d hate myself
Cause your eyes and your smile spoke softly to me
This might be nothing but then again it could be…..

Wouldn’t it be something if we looked back
At tonight and had to smile or maybe even laugh
Say remember that?......How could I forget
You never know when your headed down that one path
That takes you where your meant to be from where your at
We might be there…..and we don’t even know it yet

Forgive me if I’m caught up in the moment but this just feels right
I know we just met and I should know better
But that don’t matter sometimes
When your heart says hold on this could be what you’ve been missing
Forever might trace every kiss back to this one

(Repeat Chorus)

You might be thinking I sound crazy……

Ending Chorus

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~