1. Me Bein' Me
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Chasin’ all my whiskey shots with beer
One more night and I’ll be outta here
I know it’s been so hard since I’ve been gone
Chasin’ that wire on the telephone
Are you runnin out of reasons to hold on

I know it might sound crazy
But this is what makes me who I am

That’s just me bein me
Somewhere in between
The man I am and the man that you need
That’s just my life every day and night
And I know it don’t make it right
You might find all this hard to believe
Yeah this might not be where you wanna be
That’s just me bein me

Just finished her second glass of wine
She said you know I think about you all the time
You know I’d never leave for someone else
My heart’s been yours since the day I fell
But I can’t make this work all by myself

Repeat Pre chorus….

Repeat chorus…..

We might find a way somehow
If we can just hold on and work things out
There’s one thing I know for sure
It ain’t worth letting go

Repeat down chorus…..

(Tag line) Chasin all my whiskey shots with beer
Me bein me got me here……

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~