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I’ts just a telephone, Like any other one
But sometimes I wander why I even turn it on
Well now you might call, and I might pick up
Where I left off last night, I think I said too much

Well I’m not the kind of guy you wanna hang around
Unless you just like the sound of things when they’re breaking down

Cause I’ve had more of me than I can stand
Yeah I always find a way to let things get out of hand
It might be picture perfect but I just gotta paint it black
And I’ve tried my hand at love girl I just ain’t good at that
I never know when enough is enough
Yeah I break everything I touch

I don’t know why I’m calling you this late
Well I guess I just had something I just had to say
If you could only see the mess of me that I have made
There’s no way in the world that you could look at me the same

Now you might think I’m great and you like my smile
You best think twice before you answer this drunk dial

(Repeat Chorus)

Down Chorus

It’s just a telephone, like any other one
But sometimes I wander why I even turn it on…….

~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~