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How can we go on with our lives
Pretending we’re a husband and a wife
When half the time we can’t even be friends
We’re like two total strangers sleepin’ in the same room
I got my side of the bed and you got yours too
We’ve built a wall that we won’t ever tear down
Agree to disagree ,(we’ve already said) let’s don’t say things we don’t mean

Cause it makes me wanna drink till I can’t see straight
So I won’t miss the love we don’t make
This is simple but its tough and we’ve both had enough
It feels like we’re gonna break every time we touch
How did we get so far away
Oh how did we get so far away from us

Is there somebody else runnin’ through your mind
After all these years, just a waste of my time
What does he got that I can’t give
(The) Ink”s on the dotted line
What’s yours is yours what’s mine is mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Your left scars on the floor draggin out what was yours
And left me with our pictures on the wall


~~Bobby James Music Publishing~~